Virat Kohli’s quarantine look


Virat Kohli’s quarantine look is similar to the look of the Professor in “Money Heist”. Virat is considered to be the greatest cricketer of all time due to his never-ending hunger for runs, his domination with the bat and his on-field tactics. This 32 year old cricketer’s quarantine look has gone viral as he resembles The Professor from the popular series Money Heist. This picture has Kohli sporting long hair, a thick beard and glasses.

This picture was widely circulated on Twitter but it is said to be photoshopped..A user shared a screengrab from a sponsored partnership deal advert of Kohli with an e-commerce website that was used to photoshop before being shared on Twitter.
Kohli is said to have given a sum of Rs 6.77 lakhs for the treatment of K.S. Sravanthi Naidu’s mother who was affected by Covid. He also appealed to the BCCI and the Hyderabad Cricket Association to render help for cricketer Sravanthi’s mother. Sravanthi had spent more than 16 lakhs for the treatment of her parents who had tested positive for Covid-19. Sravanthi represented the country in 1 Test, 4 ODIs and 6 T 20s and last played for India in 2014. She was a slow left-arm orthodox bowler.



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