Vijay’s Sarkar Influences Election Commission


Vijay’s social drama, Sarkar had mainly focused on the constitutional law Section 49P. Director AR Murugadoss had showcased the importance of this Section and how it will be useful for the citizens whose vote is misused. The film was a huge success in the box office and It courted a fresh controversy after two AIADMK ministers objected to scenes that criticized the State government for propagating freebie culture.

The ‘villain’ role is characterized as Komalavalli, which also happens to be former CM Jayalalithaa’s name. Protests broke out in various parts of the State with cadres asking filmmaker A.R. Murugadoss to remove the scenes. Now, based on this film’s theme, The Election Commission of India has started campaigning and creating awareness among the public through social Ad’s.

They are promoting that when a person’s Voter Id is missing he can cast vote by showing alternative proofs like passports, driving license, pan card, Aadhaar card, Bank Passbook. Responding on it, director Murugadoss On his Twitter handle wrote: “Glad, the election commission is bringing awareness on #49p #Sarkar”.



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