Vijayan, the famous Globe trotter from Kerala passes away


Vijayan and wife Mohana had visited 25 countries across six continents

Vijayan and Mohana started travelling around the world when they were sixty. They loved traveling but their meagre income from the small tea stall they owned in Ernakulam, Kerala didn’t offer them the luxury. Yet, they persevered and saved enough money to travel, sometimes even taking loan for a trip. The tea seller didn’t believe in saving for his future needs for he wanted to travel and live life to the fullest. When people heard about the couple’s passion for travel, funds started pouring in from across the country to help them travel around the world. Vijayan and his wife travelled to 25 countries across six continents.

Even after the pandemic began, once the lockdown was lifted, the couple travelled to Russia and it was all over the media. Unfortunately, that was their last trip together, Vijayan passed away on Friday due to cardiac arrest.Vijayan passed away on Friday due to cardiac arrest.



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