Need for Nutrition


A new range of plant-based mixes that re-look at being healthy


We often look for diets that help us stay fit and energised throughout the day. Getting healthy without being bogged down by pills or chemical supplements has become one of the top priorities. That’s why Vibha Harish started CosMix, when she was diagnosed with PCOS. She went in search of what it means to be healthy and was offered solutions that asked her to align to the societal expectation of size zero. Vibha realised there was a need to rethink and restructure her lifestyle. CosMix was a result of the need for daily, clean nutrition.

How did the idea of starting Cosmix come about?

A couple of years ago I found out I had PCOS. I soon found out that a lot of problems in the body start due to a bad lifestyle and a bad diet. I understood that we sadly don’t get enough nutrition in our daily diets. Making sure the right kind of herbs, plants and berries can be understood and taken benefit of is how CosMix came into being. We make 100% natural plant-based mixes good for hair health, skin health, Immunity, gut strength, energy and good sleep. We do not promise overnight miracles, but a promise that with some patience and a spoonful of Cosmix every day, your body will be radiant, resilient, and beautiful from the inside. It advocates that beauty comes from within, as a result of combined physical and mental effort to stay healthy. Its mixes have no fillers or chemicals. They add wholesome value to the regular diet and improve our health condition. Anyone can buy it on

What were the challenges and how did you overcome them?

The challenge was getting people to understand that beauty and strength start within the body. We’re still educating people about this through different media sources and we’re so glad people are understanding and improving their lifestyles holistically!

How has the journey been since you started?

The journey has included lots of learning. It’s a great high when we see people’s love and reviews about our products.

How do you think you revolutionsed the industry, stayed ahead of the game?

Education. Just being there and explaining the science behind products I think is really lacking in the market. We say things like “chemical free or paraben free” in cosmetics, but do we really understand what they mean? In this case I want people to understand the science behind nutrition.

How do you maintain a work-life balance? What are your other hobbies?

I love yoga, playing with my dogs and spending time with my family! It’s really hard maintaining a work-life balance as of now. I bring a lot of work home. I’m consciously trying to change that and give myself more me-time.

What are your future plans?

Just educating as many people as possible that beauty has no definition and plants have immense benefits that we can improve our health through.



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