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India’s 1st Crowdfunded Useful Travel Jacket returns after over thousand pre-orders. VERSATYL jackets a venture by created a wave in the travel jackets segment when they were launched. The VERSATYL travel jacket is designed by an ex IBM engineer out of Bengaluru, the start-up capital of India & has made a mark for itself as an amazing innovation. A product of “Emirates Fashions” they also saw their second crowdfunding campaign on FuelADream. Their first campaign was hugely successful inspite of it being launched during the demonetisation period– it raised close to Rs 19 Lakhs with 1000 + orders for this innovative travel jacket with 18 pockets and 29 unique features. With this jacket you can carry your world along with you!
Emirates Fashions have been in the garment trades for years. Saneen Javali quit his corporate career, in order to plug the gap, he saw in the travel jacket market. The VERSATYL Travel Jacket was designed with a focus of minimising the struggles that urban commuter and the avid traveller face on a daily basis.
We live in a world where gadgets have taken over our lives and as much as technology is a convenience, lugging everything around is a hassle! This is where the VERSATYL Travel Jacket comes to your rescue. This jacket with 18 pockets covers your every need. It will carry your iPad or tablet, phone, iPod, power bank, a point-and-shoot camera, wallet, sunglasses, a small water bottle, a mini torch, all your ID and bank cards, keys, cash and coins, headphones, a USB drive and pen drive, a pen and additional loops for your earphones to keep the wires out of the way.
Says ex-IBM engineer & the creator of VERSATYL, Saneen Javali, “We went past our original campaign goal of raising Rs 5 Lacs, in an astonishing 8 days which made us realise just how much the market is missing a product like this – a well-designed, high performance jacket that is both stylish and functional. I always wanted to design a unique travel jacket that carried everything from an iPad to loose change – I wanted to create the most useful travel jacket in the world! And one of the most important goals was to find a way to make a high-quality product and price it at around Rs 1999 so that it was affordable to a lot of people!”
Ranganath Thota, the Founder & CEO of Fueladream says, “Clearly, the response to the first campaign has been so tremendous, and with such latent demand, a second campaign kind of decides itself. It’s the kind of proof we’re seeing again & again on FuelADream – that the Indian consumer is ready to pre-order innovative, exciting products like VERSATYL. Crowdfunding is a win-win for them & the innovators!”
VERSATYL negates the need to empty all your pockets into a tray at the airport, just send the jacket (laden with all your belongings) through the security scanners. It saves time and the hassle of making sure that you’ve managed to get everything off your person! What’s more, this water-resistant jacket even folds up into its own pouch (which is tucked in the back pocket), making it easy to store and carry around when you aren’t using it! The jacket comes in four colours and fits both men and women. The jacket is a part of the FuelADream venture, a crowdfunding marketplace for people and organizations that aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc.



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