“Veech Party” an unique roti flipping show at Express Avenue Mall


Barottas.com conducted “Veech Party” featuring Chef Amir Hamzah Bin Omar from Malaysia who performed a unique technique of flipping the roti at Express Avenue Mall at 5 pm on 28th October.

Barottas known as the flying roti, Barottas is a very famous street food dish in South India. A parotta, porotta or barotta is a layered flatbread made from flour, from the culinary tradition of Southern India and parts of, especially Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu

It is a dish from our childhood about which we like to reminisce. For many, the barotta is an emotion. But it also one which is stereotyped and seen as a cheap and unhealthy dish. Barottas’ idea is to first play on the emotion, and then correct what they see as the “three pain points” – health, hygiene and class.



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