Varun Thakur performs in Chennai for the very first time at Phoenix MarketCity!


Phoenix MarketCity presented Chennaiites with hysterics of laughter as India’s premium stand-up comedian, Varun Thakur entertained the audience in his first live performance in the city on the 30th of June 2018.

The Courtyard was filled with ardent fans who had been waiting to witness their favorite comic in action. The opening act for the day was by Niveditha Prakasam, the title winner of TLC’s Queens of Comedy, who broke the ice with witty quips on the influence of Tamil movies on people and humorously warned the audience of the risks of an arranged marriage! The first 40 seconds of the show assured the audience that it would be a night that would be etched in their memory.She set the stage rolling and made it easy for Varun Thakur to take it over from where she left.

The energy that Varun Thakur exhibited on stage was so spectacular that everything he uttered took the audience on a roller coaster ride. He started off his by expressing all the weird conversations that he had to encounter during his initial days of being a stand-up comic. He is gifted with the art of storytelling: his anecdotes were so relatable as he went on to narrate some personal anecdotes at the U.S Visa office, the awkward moments at the Security Check and lastly, playfully teased the manner in which the Embassies have separate lines for Gujaratis since they are everywhere!

He amused the audience by sharing his experience flying Business Class for the first time giving anybody who visited the mall on Saturday got a chance to laugh out loud! Varun drew patrons of all ages with unexpected topics like how to impress someone on tinder by putting up weird bio data and how to make everyone laugh at Punjabi weddings.

Providing an entertaining experience to the audience, the energetic artist successfully completed his mission of making people laugh. The event ended on a great note with people waiting in long queue to click a selfie with the comedy guru who managed to surprise everyone.

Speaking on the occasion Mr.Murugan Rajan, Centre Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said:  “We focus on giving the best of live entertainment our patrons. Stand-up comedy is one of the most preferred and best platforms to engage the audience and ensure that the weekend ends of good note! We are glad that Phoenix MarketCity hosted Varun Thakur’s first live performance in the city. We strive to create a forum for people to experience and enjoy the best of entertainment from the country’s upcoming & foremost artists.



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