Triumphs and dreams big and small – Vidya Sagar celebrates them all.
Vidya Sagar, a rights based organization, is triumphantly marching ahead completing three decades of work in the areas of rehabilitation and training. This has been possible largely because of the support of the community and people like you. There are many more dreams yet to be fulfilled and we will continue to strive together.
Today, the disability movement is in the human rights model and India has signed the UNCRPD. We are aware that every individual with disability dreams of the rightful access to education, employment, leisure, family life and social life.

Vidya Sagar has always proactively worked towards meeting the needs of the evolving disability movement through advocacy and innovative awareness programs. VaccesS is one such program designed to create awareness on access. The event has two parts; an awareness run and expo. Access includes attitudinal access and the awareness run on the third of April is aimed at creating and building a positive attitude. The objective of expo to be held on the second and third of April is to connect the people who are creating accessible designs/equipment/assistive devices etc. and the end users. Users of course include persons with disabilities, disabled peoples organizations, NGOS and schools for persons with disabilities. But more importantly the various sections of the community like mainstream education institutions, corporate, builders, architects, government officials and so on.
In this event we intend to allow the participants experience the “enhanced ability” through various activities, games and fun. The exhibition will showcase products and equipment of day to day utility with accessibility features, designed and promoted by different companies, assistive devices and information materials on various aspects of access.
Physical access, access to communication and information and above all attitudinal access are the first steps to making inclusion of persons with disability a reality. We invite you to join us in this endeavor of creating a more enabling environment by participating and partnering with us.



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