Upping The Ante


Kokoro is a Japanese term which, though difficult to translate in English, literally means unity or synchronization of the mind, body, and spirit! In today’s fast-moving world, a person needs to be both mentally and physically fit to cope with the rapid changes we are facing every single day. Education makes a person complete and it is not easy to find the right educational institution to pursue one’s dream. However, you can pursue the dream when there is a companion to help you stick around” and that’s exactly what Vaasantosh Venkatesan and his company Planet Education bring to the table! Tailoring a fitness routine to suit your self, taking into account your personal, lifestyle and career-oriented constraints, the fitness coach Haresshvar Sakthivelu has an excellent record in track. When these two young entrepreneurs come together with a nutrition supplement company name Level Up Nutrition, you can expect it to reach great heights!

Meet Vaasantosh Venkatesan and Haresshvar Sakthivelu, two young entrepreneurs who have the right recipe to incite your mind, body, and spirit! Grab the latest issue and check out the exclusive interview of the inspiring young lads!




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