VA Gallery presents ‘Earth Stories’ by Shalu Juneja


VA Gallery presents ‘Earth Stories’ by Shalu Juneja. Art Historian and critic Dr. Ashrafi Bhagat was guest of honour at the opening which was well attended by the who’s who of Chennai society and prominent members in the art circle. The exhibition is on view until 30th July 2022, from 11am to 7.30pm at VA Gallery, Kotturpuram.

Earth Stories is all about those little instances occurring on Earth and its inhabitants that have lingered in my mind.”  – Shalu Juneja

Earth Stories is an abstract expressionistic series; Juneja’s gestural brush strokes, textured multi layered canvas, rich with mark making process, carries all the gritty complexities of nature and humanity – the two driving forces behind the works.

Dr.Ashrafi Bhagat said “Shalu’s sensitivity towards her environment is empathetic; emphasizing her response to the anthropocene, an era like ours, marked by heightened negative impact of human actions on earth, which also seeks to re-establish the role of humanities through awareness and hence prevent further depletion and gross aggression on nature.”

Speaking about this series, Juneja says,“Sometimes I find patterns in nature through sources that are as micro as the bacteria formation to the macro satellite imagery of Earth; And lately, these patterns have also led me to address grave issues such as climate change, war and natural disasters”

VA Gallery is a boutique for unique furniture, bespoke lighting and eclectic home décor. Founder, Varuna Aravind, wants VA Gallery to provide the springboard for Indian artists whose works she strongly connects with. Being a leading interior designer, she displays paintings alongside home décor, staging living spaces, such that her clients can visualise the same in their own homes.

“This is a creative collaboration where Art co-exists with Interior Design; Everyone should be able to connect with works of Art, and feel comfortable enough to want to take it home” feels Varuna.

On view until 30th July, 11am to 7.30pm

Address: No:25, Gandhi Mandapam Rd, Chitra Nagar, Kotturpuram, Chennai

Phone number: 95510 60112




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