US Professor lives underwater for 74 days and sets world record


Dr. Joseph Dituri, a professor from the United States has set a world record by living at Jules Undersea Lodge for 74 days. He plans to extend his stay to 100 days as part of a unique biology study.

He entered the habitat on March 1 and has plans to come out on June 9. The previous world record that was set by two other professors in 2014 was 73 days.
On the 74th day, Dr. Dituri had a meal of eggs and salmon that he prepared using a microwave, did his exercise with resistance bands and some push-ups too and also took an hour-long nap.
He is researching how the human body handles the long-term effects of staying submerged in water in extreme pressure. For the past 74 days, he has been living in Jules Undersea Lodge -a 100 square foot habitat that is 30 feet below the surface. He is being monitored by medical professionals at regular intervals.


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