US President Joe Biden trips on stage at Air Force Graduation Ceremony


US President Joe Biden tripped on stage over an obstacle at the Air Force Academy in Colorado but managed to escape unhurt. He delivered the commencement address to the graduates of the military academy and shook hands with the cadets and was walking back to his seat when he tripped and fell.

Air Force personnel helped the President to get back on his feet. After he rose, he pointed to a small black sandbag that apparently caught his foot. He laughed off his embarrassing fall and the White House insisted that the president was okay.
President Biden had another bout of bad luck when he was returning to the White House, he bumped his head on the door of the helicopter.
Biden aged 80 years is the oldest president seeking a second term in 2024 election. According to a report given by his doctor, he is physically fit and he exercises regularly.


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