Upasana Konidela On Embracing Parenthood


Ram Charan and Upasana are considered one the power couples in Tollywood. The two often set couple goals by taking time out from their busy schedules and go on getaways on special occasions.

Upasana and Ram Charan got hitched in 2012 and the one thing that is awaited by his fans is the arrival of little Charan. Upasana has now spilled beans on embracing parenthood.  She says, “It is important in our lives. Children are important but it is a 20-year-project which we have to dedicate to them completely. We are getting the correct knowledge, we don’t want to raise our children half-heartedly. If you’re bringing someone into this planet, you should be aware of all the circumstances around you and bring that child up really well. We take care of our dogs and horses so well, so for children, we want to study and take care of them even better. Bringing someone into the world is really precious to us, so we want to be completely ready. It will be a 20-year-project of love we have to dedicate to, So when the time comes, it will be a good time. We have to be mentally and physically ready and raise them properly. We don’t want to look back after 20-years and have any regrets so it will happen when the time comes”.



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