Up Close and Personal With Isha Nagappan


Teenager Isha Nagappan on her interesting experiences while writing her second book.

Isha Nagappan wrote her first book when she was 13 and her second at 16. Isha tells us she always enjoyed writing as a past time. At the age of 12 she was dragged by her mother to watch a Ted Talk with Adora Svitak and realised that it was a dream that didn’t need to wait. After which she started writing more as well as spoke to her extremely supportive parents who helped her along and published her first book. Isha says, “As a child society gives you different responsibilities such as school, homework and hobbies. But my parents pushed me to finish the book and even got it published for me, all I had to do was write.”

Isha Nagappan (4)

Although she had worked on a three deal book, after her first book Alisha, Isha did not like the way she had written it. Writing the second book this was a challenge Isha says as a style of writing had evolved over the three years. The second book took almost two years to write as Isha is still in school and could not devote all her time to the book. Although there was constant pressure from everybody asking when the next book was coming, Isha was not going to rush the process. Isha says, “Pleasing I was the hardest thing I feel. I was my hardest critic. I would write out a bit, read it the next day and want to change it. I almost re wrote the whole book after the first year because I didn’t like my style of writing then”

Writing about teenage life Isha tells us most of her friends thought the book was based on her life. Isha says that she did take experiences out from her life and people she watched around her. Isha Laughs, “Although I made it clear that my book was fictional, a lot of my friends tried to relate to characters while reading the draft I gave them.”

Isha Nagappan (18)

While Isha does enjoy writing in her free time she also enjoys a good book. She doesn’t just follow a few authors. Isha likes to read books that aren’t too famous, that people aren’t reading. The first book she read was the Hunger Games. Talking about what she is currently reading, Isha says, “I am currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home SFor Peculiar Children. I like to find interesting books that people don’t usually read; I think there are a lot of great stories out there.

Isha is young and full of passion, like Gautami said at Isha’s book launch ‘This is just the beginning.’ We can’t wait to see what Isha is going to do and wish her all the best!




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