Up Close And Personal With Cosplay League India !


1. How was Cosplay League India born?  

We all met each other at the comic conventions. It started with two of the cosplayers getting together and then slowly its now 7 of us. Each of us have unique strengths which we all contribute to the league. It is a clear bunch of balanced techies, artists and business brains in the team. Nadir is the one who handpicked the team together, and now it’s one happy bunch of cosplayers who are friends and artists. Few of us are in corporate profession too. We established the team and now this is our first visit to Chennai as CLI team.

2. How are you different from Comic Con India?  

Comic Con – is a Convention held across the world, as the name specifies itself. Cosplay League India is our team of professional cosplayers with a motivation, passion and love for comics, anime, creativity and cosplay. We are bringing the experience to the cities that we visit for events and special appearances. We look forward to offer more for all the cities we love such as Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. We are framing our plans together for a year calendar, with essence of Comic Con.

3. Share an interesting moment with the other cosplayers.

I have met several cosplayers over the year now. Each of them unique to their own taste and creativity. The only thing that unites us all is the love for comics/ anime /manga and bringing that to life. Feeling what the character feels, spending our time, investment and few sacrifices here and there to put our efforts together and bring the character in us.  I love to mention here the youngest cosplayer I met is from Delhi. It was about 9 months back I met this little girl who was about 5yrs old and dressed like a superman. While looking at my garment that I made for Comic con Bangalore, Katniss Everdeen she asked, “Are you Katniss?” To which I replied that I was. She then she went on to tell me that Katniss has braids in her hair and asked me why my hair was down.  Soon she went on to say, “ See , I cut my hair because I am superman.” The kind of detailing that went into her character was amazing especially for a child so young. She is someone I will never forget and is going to grow up to be an amazing cosplayer!

4. Why do you think Chennai is not on the Comic Con India map? Do you plan a collaboration?

Of course Chennai is on the radar of Comic enthusiasts. I think it is wrong to assume Comic Con India does not have us on their map. Cosplay League India compromises of the winners of Comic Con and many other platforms. We are 7 member team and we plan to cosplay and contest like any other cosplayers across India and outside India. We are stepping into this new arena of bringing the culture of cosplaying closer to the cities that we get opportunities to appear as cosplayers. We also have plans to share our skills and experience through workshops.

rathika cosplay (Copy)

5. Who are the characters that we can expect to see at the event?  

Everyone from the Civil War !

6. Why have you chosen your particular character?  

Sometimes as a group we discuss who could do the character and then decide. When it is a contest it is more about what we want to be. We may find characters that reflect us or it could be the opposite as well. Most often it is the mere joy of getting that complex costume done by ourselves. This time I really just do feel the character .

  7. How were you initiated into the world of comic books and cosplay?  

I was introduced to the world of comics when I was 7years old. Cosplay however happened to me on a contesting platform as adult, years back. As a child I have cosplayed many characters such as Snow White, Red Riding hood, Cinderella, Super girl, and Hanuman.

8. The makeup is extensive. How do you manage replicating the detailing in each of your looks?

It is art. I do my own makeup all the time. Cosplay makeup is not the same as the makeup used to enhance your features. It is about carefully studying the character and checking the material needed. The length in which it needs to stay on you and more over the physical corrections, or extensions that need to be done. There are specific materials used for the same. Some cheat makeup tricks, it just a matter of learning on the job kind of thing too. With a lot of sharing information that happens online, its everyday improvement.

9. How much research goes into the creating of these looks?

When you are a cosplayer, your mind is always wandering for information and constant ticking in your head thinking of what is next?!  Invariably we seek information to help maintain its uniqueness and to help in putting things together. It is always about learning new things and it never ends. Choosing the right material for the right character is very important too. Hence the research is typically in each person’s hand. Once you are aware of the things and material you can play around with, it becomes less stressful.



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