Unni Mukundan all set for his new project ‘Meppadiyan’

The actor promised that Meppadiyan will be a family entertainer
Unni Mukundan recently posted a poster of his latest project, ‘Meppadiyan’ that shows the  actor in a different light, unlike his usual muscular self. Many of his fans commented on his look for the movie and he took to social media to explain the challenges he faced while preparing for the role. He said he had to put on weight for his character and had give up his healthy lifestyle.
Here is what we wrote: “I had committed to do this project while I was training for Mamangam, wherein, I played a warrior. By the time I finished filming I was at my muscular best. However, it was communicated to me by my team and the director of Meppadiyan as to how, a muscular looking me may not be fit to play the part of Jayakrishnan in Meppadiyan. It was very disheartening for me but equally challenging. The whole idea of giving up on a healthy lifestyle and a good physique is nothing less than a nightmare for me, but missing out on quality art because of a rigid mindset is even worse. The moment I was convinced that Meppadiyan and Jayakrishnan need me with a different attitude and body language, I convinced myself to a different way of life. I was 93kgs while filming this project. It’s going to be a very neat family entertainer. I believe it has challenged me as an actor and will bring the best results for all the efforts I took to mess up with my healthy lifestyle. All said and done, I’m totally against the idea of ruining one’s health for any reason whatsoever. However, the sad part is that here a muscular body is considered to be incompetent for a certain types of cinema and characters, which in turn forces actors to come up with such ridiculous ways to compensate the loss of work. Finally, thanks a lot for your constant support and goodwishes. Meppadiyan will not disappoint you. And more importantly, I’ll be back, so will the muscles!”


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