Unlocking The Golden Cage By Author Puja Puneet and Life Coach


Life coach and author Puja Puneet launched her book ‘Unlocking The Golden Cage’ on January 14th January 2019 at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park. Motivational Speaker Jack Canfield and prominent Lawyer Harish Salve received the first copy of the book at the launch event. Unlocking The Golden Cage is a book about understanding the Laws Of Attraction and the Laws Of Vibration through simple tools and techniques that personally helped the author in her own life. By laying out the 7 step process that any person can follow to live the life of their dreams, this book also caters exclusively to the married Indian woman in helping her find an identity beyond her surname and gain financial freedom, while also leading them to the joy and freedom they deserve.

About the Author

When Puja Puneet found herself married at 18 years old, instead of at Law College like she had planned, she thought her life’s path had been decided for her. But the burning desire for a more fulfilling existence leads her to study under the best in the self-help industry. As she helped take control of her own life and happiness, she automatically started to help the women around her do the same. Seeing the amazing results made her realize this was her calling, and she launched her center Life By Design in 2011. Puja is bubbly and effusive for all of life’s blessings, with a gypsy-like love for travel. She lives with her wonderful husband Puneet and two beautiful boys in Chennai, India.



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