‘UNLEARN’ by Nivedita Saboo for London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week 2016 was every bit the extravaganza that engulfed the British capital with heterogeneous fashion. Designer Nivedita Saboo weaved glamour and design on the international runway with her compilation titled “Unlearn”.

The collection symbolised retreating to the inception of a designer’s journey as an artist. It focused on de-saturating the mind and unlearning. Revisiting the basics of every form, which are “line”, “point” and “shape”, were used as the key elements of this collection. Handcrafted leather buckles and hand-cut leather applique layered with quilting, pleating and texturizing surfaces with minute beading showcased the technical precision of the collection.

The skillful cuts and immaculate tailoring beautifully molded over the body by bringing into play multiple basic shapes. Weaving the collection with great hand skill and a deep knowledge of pattern making that embodied the complex geometric cuts into varied silhouettes, marked the highlight of each garment. The colour palette borrowed inspiration from the collection concept and emphasized on black and white as a blank canvas which was explored through vibrant colours in digital prints that depicted the purest form of art. To be able to de-saturate and come back stronger to perceive art, design and life from a new and exciting perspective, “Unlearn” was about resurrecting from a blank canvas enthused with life through artwork & prints imagined by blind children.


With the label foraying into the global markets, the focus of this collection was to assimilate market trends and fashion newer designs & silhouettes that resonate with a more universal audience. Next on the anvil is the Mumbai store launch and the showcase in Paris.



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