Ultimo Smart Chopper from Tupperware!


Tupperware introduces Ultimo Smart Chopper to convenience and comfort of chopping onions without shedding a tear.Set her free from the monotony in the kitchen while preparing her favorite dish.

The multipurpose, light and compact Smart Chopper is a must-have in ones kitchen to help prepare a variety of dishes with just a pull of a string. Chopping onions, tomatoes, all kinds of herbs like coriander, parsley or ginger and garlic in an instant and hassle-free way. Other ingredients such as boiled pulses; fruits, vegetables, grated cheese and boneless meats can be minced, mashed or chopped with ease.

One can now make sandwich spreads, sauces, pastas, dips, chutneys or salsaall at home with much ease. This product is like a palm sized food processor!



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