Ukraine President to deliver virtual address to US Congress


Ukraine President Zelensky will deliver a virtual address to the US Congress seeking help to defend his country from Russia’s deadly attack. This will mount pressure on the White House to take a tougher stand over Russia’s invasion.

This appeal has come at a time when both sides are launching a fresh round of talks amidst deadly air strikes in the capital Kylv three weeks after the attack by Russia. Zelensky will also address lawmakers in Ottawa. His pleas for help to defend Ukraine from the attack by Russia seems quite desperate and he has also requested Washington, the European Union as well as NATO for military hardware
Meanwhile, Poland has offered to send Soviet-style MIG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine via a US air base in Germany.
Biden has authorized $200 million in additional military equipment for Ukraine. Members of both parties in the US have called for tougher sanctions against Russia and authorized more than double the military and humanitarian aid that the administration has requested for Ukraine.



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