“Typography 101” workshop by Furqan Jawed, creator of comic The Bad Girl


A small introduction into “A Bad Girl” which would highlight the background, process, completion and the build up to the creation achieving virality. Furqan would then narrow down the various aspects of what makes an artwork connect with an audience on a large scale – one of them being typography and layout.


Over the years typography has evolved from being a “nerd’s” hobby to a full time “cool” profession, yet if one were to tell someone that he/she aspired to be a typographer, they would more often than not be received with a blank look. Most people don’t think twice about typography, when in fact typography can make or break a design.

To register, email: Dhiraj@impresario.in

Facebook: /SocialOffline

Instagram: @SocialOffline Twitter: @SocialOffline Website: www.socialoffline.in

Address: No-46/1, Cobalt Building, Church Street, Bangalore – 560001.

Date: Sunday, 28th of June, 2015

Time: 4 – 6 PM

Fee: Rs. 200 per person (inclusive of select F&B)



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