Twist of Taste


In the year since the restaurant opened its doors in Bangalore the place has been so talked about that when we finally managed to make time for a review visit there wasn’t much of a surprise element left. Well, kudos to the team for having created a neat, elemental interior – somewhat lacking the edge of its nemesis’ in London and Mumbai – but nevertheless an elegant dining space.

Like the concept note says, Yauatcha is all about dimsum. Their bubble gum pink and purple menu cards add a pop of brightness to an otherwise predominantly blue, brown and mustard decor. The kitchen is open and there’s a bar that’s nearly a mile long. Apart from this three walls of the restaurant are made up of glass and rows and rows of tables and chairs, lined with military-like precision, make up the interiors.

Where the restaurant lacks in unique design it makes up with the novelty of its menu. Possibly the only restaurant in India that has a dedicated vegetarian menu keeping in mind the religious sentiments of the country, this is one place that will keep the otherwise outcast veggie seriously happy.

Never has dimsum looked so pretty or pleated with such fine precision before. A simple Har Gau filled with succulent prawn carries 17 pleats on its humble rice paper covering, transforming this basic dimsum into an exotic work of art; all thanks to the fine handwork. Keeping Chinese superstition in mind at Yauatcha you will be served only 3 pieces of dimsum per portion, simply because the Chinese believe that 4 is an unlucky number. However, the exception to this rule is the Shui Mai that is served in lots of 4. We tried the Pork and Prawn Shui Mai and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of flavours that exploded on the tongue.

There are two must-tries when you dine here – firstly the Cheung Fun, be it with prawn, chicken or any other meat. This unique roll, where meat is first wrapped in a crispy tempura roll before being covered by rice paper and then doused with warm soya sauce, is possibly the most exclusive dish on the menu. Then there is the visually appealing (but slightly lacking in taste and flavour) Golden Fried Chicken Puff that looks like the miniature version of a coconut, yet tastes anything but. The delicate puff that has been created using a whisk and whip technique with the batter in order to create the stringy coating. Hence when fried to a deep golden brown the puff leaves a marginal greasy feel in the mouth – not appreciated, please note!

If you’ve filled yourself up with dimsum, one can easily pass on the main course. However, if you must try something then opt for the crispy fried lamb with raw mango. Though the flavours of the lamb, when batter fried and tossed with soy and honey are common, its the raw mango that adds a unique twist to the dish.

And to wrap up the meal do opt for the visual treat Raspberry Delish. Shaped like a ruby red flower, the raspberry coated chocolate mousse is sinfully rich and artfully presented. If you want something non-chocolaty then the Blood Orange Cake or Jasmine Cake are worth a try too.

Do ensure you carry your platinum card along, for a meal here does not come cheap. If you have a variety on your table expect a bill of no less than Rs. 3,000 for 2 (including a drink each).

Yauatcha is at

Level 5, 1 MG Road Mall,

MG Road, Bengaluru.

Call +91 80 6772 4400.



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