Twins get engaged to same man


A pair of identical twins from Australia have got engaged to the same man. Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35 will be marrying Ben Byrnes,37, an electrician who they have been dating for the past 10 years.
It is said that Ben proposed to them during a romantic park picnic and presented them with a set of three bands each with the middle ring having huge round diamonds.

Polygamy is not legally recognised in Australia, so the wedding will have to take place either in Malaysia or in Indonesia In Malaysia, polygamy is banned for non-Muslims while it is legal for everyone in Indonesia.
Ben has promised them to do whatever makes them happy. Both the twins want to get pregnant at the same time and would plan to do so through IVF. They admitted that having joint pregnancies would put a lot of pressure on Ben. Their mother is convincing them to give birth naturally but they are not sure how that will work out. The trio recently featured in an episode of Extreme Sisters, a series that explored ”the most obsessive and inseparable sibling relationships.”



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