Tweeting while TV pushes online shopping


Tweeting or engaging in social media activities while watching certain programmes can make one indulge in online shopping more than usual. Researchers from Indiana University and Emory University in the US showed that live tweeting while watching live tv has been dubbed as social tv.

Researchers have further analyzed that advertisers can see a boost in online shopping when television viewers multitask and engage in social media activities. They found that ads that air in those programs that had more social TV activity also saw increased ad responsiveness in terms of online shopping behaviors. The results shed light on how advertisers can encourage online shopping activity on their websites in the age of multiscreen consumers.

 The research indicates that there may be four key reasons why programs with high online engagement may benefit advertisers. First participation in online chatter about a program may indicate that viewers are more engaged with the program. Second, online program engagement may encourage loyally, committed viewing audience.

Third, media multitasking may decrease the ability of the viewer to counterargue or resist persuasion attempts, increasing ad effectiveness. And finally, the activity can increase the production and consumption of brand-related earned media. In other words, viewers who converse about the TV program may also discuss the ads online



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