Tushar pitted against Rahul


The  Bharat Dharma Janasena President Tushar is pitted against Rahul Gandhi at Wayanad. Rahul promised that the Congress would spend 6% of the GDP on education if voted to power. He said that the poor people of this country need to dream big and their children should get the best education as the Congress  Government is committed to increasing the national share for education. He criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for backing of big businessmen.

He said that Modi  was busy with surgical strikes on the poor  but on the other hand the Congress would be interested in surgical strikes on poverty and that is the reason the NYAY scheme was formulated. Under the scheme,each family which earns less than Rs12000 a  month would get an annual amount of Rs 72000 in their bank accounts. A total of 5 crore families in the country would benefit from the scheme said Mr Gandhi



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