Try Out ‘Flyboarding’ In Goa With Redrawlife !


  Redrawlife promises to give you an exhilarating water experience this weekend

“We absolutely love pampering our adventurists with something new to excite their adventurous souls. As such, we are happily introducing Flyboarding sessions for the first time in India. Remember all those the cool stuff Hrithik Roshan was doing in Bang Bang, wherein he springs out of the water on what looked like a water jetpack? That’s exactly what you can experience yourself now.

We are super excited about this super fun activity and we are sure that this will easily become one of the favorite things to do in Goa. It’s a blind promise on an exhilarating experience of pure adventure,” that’s the promise from Redrawlife, the adventure team from Kochi. Ready to pack your bags? Book your slots: !



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