Trolls don’t spare Mandira Bedi even as she mourns her husband


The actress lost her husband Raj Kaushal earlier this week

In a shocking tragedy, actress Mandira Bedi lost her husband Raj Kaushal as he succumbed to heart attack earlier this week. He was 49. Mandira herself performed his last rites at the Dadar Shivaji Park crematorium on Wednesday, which has set off insensitive trolls judging her for performing the sacred rituals and even going to extent of passing comments on her dress code. Her friends and followers have come out in support of her, calling the act shameful.

“For a society it’s can’t get more shameful if we were to not empathize and support @mandybedi but to ridicule her for her dress choices that too at her husband’s funeral.. we have a long way to go Broken heartFolded hands #Shameful,” said a follower.  Her friend, Sona Mohapatra also supported Mandira by tweeting that she is not surprised at the comments made by trolls and that ‘Stupidity is more abundant than any other element in our world after all’.

Mandira and Raj have a son named Veer and daughter named Tara.





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