Trivikram’s A Aa Gets Positive Talk



Director Trivikram Srinivas’ much-awaited Telugu movie “A… Aa,” starring Nithin, Samantha and Anupama Parameswaran, has received positive reviews from audience, who describe the film as a good family entertainer.Here is the live update of the “A… Aa” movie review by audience:

Idlebrain Jeevi ‏@idlebrainjeevi

1st half of the #AAaTheMovie is nice and entertaining. Strict mother vs carefree girl conflict so far! Meanders a bit in 2nd half. Ends well. Trivikram’s dialogues & family emotions makes #AAaTheMovie a pleasant entertainer & a sure shot hit! The satire and comedy timing in Rao Ramesh dialogue delivery is terrific in #AAaMovie

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#AAa: Trivikram mark romantic drama with entertaining first half. Some slack in between but ends nicely. Nithin and Samantha shine through. #AAa: A die-hard fan of  Yaddanapudi, Trivikram is inspired by her popular novel ‘Meena’ which was also made into movie by Vijaya Niramala. #AAa: Nithin comes up with his best work to date.
Cameraman Nataraj Subramanian is major asset to this movie.



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