Travel light, travel smart


A holiday doesn’t mean taking along 4 suitcases filled with clothes, 3 handbags, and 2 backpacks. Packing light is the easiest way of traveling across places in a hassle-free manner. Here’s how you can limit your accessories and clothes to just one suitcase + one handbag:


  • Remember it’s a holiday. Not a cocktail party for which you need to carry your best designer gowns, cans of makeup and stilettoes. So just 1 extra pair of footwear would do. And a no makeup look would be apt whether you’re going by the beach or the mountains.
  • If it’s a beach bet, then carry your shortest possible clothes that would occupy least amount of space. Avoid heavy jeans and jackets. Make do with a pair or two of shorts and a few tops, a good hat and sun-glasses. And a good piece of swimwear.
  • For a holiday to the colder climes, one or two pair of jeans with a few tops is more than enough. Carry sweaters and jackets, but not too many.
  • Avoid things like a hair-dryer, big bottles of perfumes, heavy shoes (unless you’re trekking), jewelry and other add-ons.
  • Skip carrying towels since most hotels provide the same.
  • You’re on a holiday, so you don’t necessarily have to look good. You could look unkempt, and more natural!





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