Travel accessories for the long getaway


Head out this weekend, but don’t forget to carry along these accessories. Gone are those days when people paid no heed to the accessory they used for playing or listening to the music. Now is the time when everybody looks out for some good gadgets-be it hands-free, headphones or wireless Bluetooth devices and go through the specifications so that they know what they are investing in for their music. While some of them are ready to pay a big amount, half of us look for pocket friendly gadgets that can give quality audio within the budget.

image001 (1)

Helping all of you little more, let us have a look at the following accessories from Amkette that can be your best travel buddies. Having said that, we are little extra lucky to have an approaching long weekend (grin).

  • Headphones
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Pulse Earphones




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