Transgenders roped in for conducting door to door survey

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has roped in ten transgenders in Thiruvanmiyur Division for conducting door to door surveys for COVID-19 and to check for infection symptoms. They have been roped in under the Tamilnadu National Urban Livelihood Mission (TNULM) Scheme to assist the Greater Chennai Corporation.
They have been on the job for the past two weeks and the response of the public has been good so far. One of the transgenders named M. Nila has completed B. Pharm and is running an NGO called PHARM Foundation which works towards education and empowerment of transgender people. They cover 120 houses per day and have been provided with Identity cards,  coats, gloves and masks. They will be employed for three months and will be paid on a monthly basis. They have requested the government to provide them with employment opportunities and want companies to sponsor their education in order to come up in life and serve the society.


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