Traffic violations in a new app


If you’ve ever witnessed a traffic violation in Chennai and wondered what you can do about it apart from just outraging on social media, help is here. On Friday, the Chennai city police launched an app titled ‘GCTP citizen service’ that allows members of the general public to upload complaints and pictures of traffic violations in real time.

A number of violations including but not limited to helmet-less riding, jumping signals, illegal parking, triple riding, cell phone driving and even recklessly driven MTC buses can be reported to the traffic police. The app allows users to take photographs of violations and upload them.

The app will not allow users to upload a photograph through the phone’s gallery. Citizens can only use the camera feature on the app to take and upload a photo in real time. This essentially means that the user must take photos on the spot through the app and upload them. The feature prevents users from uploading pre-existing photos and aims to prevent misuse.



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