Trade your plastic bags for these quirky options


Plastic is definitely a bad choice for both the environment and humans. So why not chuck those plastic bags for something more unique?

  • Cloth bags: Convert your old clothes into a bag. Stitch out creative carry bags from your old duppatas, sarees, stoles, etc.
  • 20160426_175624 (2) (Copy)
  • Jute: Jute bags are an in thing. Specially while going out with friends, for grocery shopping and more.
  • Crochet bags: Expand your crochet skills by crafting out some cute bags. Carry your DIY bags as a purse, bag or a pouch.
  • crochet bags
  • Denim bags: your old jeans can very well be converted into durable and long-lasting shopping bags.
  • Paper: very easy to create from old newspapers, paper bags can be used while shopping for light-weight objects.




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