Tourist Spots To Have No Selfie Zone


In a new development, tourist spots across India will now have no-selfie zones. This move comes in the wake of selfie-related deaths that have been reported from time to time. While responding to a query regarding whether selfies have become a nuisance for public safety matter in the Lok Sabha, Home Affairs Minister Hansraj Ahir said that the government has asked states to spot tourist places prone to ‘selfie deaths’. Precautionary steps will be taken to avoid such instances any further.

In fact, as per this move, the Tourism Ministry has advised all union territory administrations and state governments to take safety-precautionary measures to avoid or prevent any unpleasant incident or safeguard tourists, who intend to click selfies at tourist spots. Administrations should declare ‘No Selfie Zones’ in such spots to avoid the danger of getting hurt.

Other instructions that are been laid for the administration to handle this matter are identifying spots that are prone to accidents, setting up signs to indicate danger that involves in clicking selfies, and barricading those areas if possible. As per this latest development, the state governments have also been instructed to spread awareness through social media campaigns and sensitization through the public address system. As per a study published in 2018, India is said to have recorded the most number of selfie deaths. Therefore, it is expected that this new move might help to raise awareness and bring down the number of selfie deaths. And since January 2016, India has been identifying ‘no-selfie zones’; while Mumbai and Goa were under the radar till now, this new move brings every state under one belt.  This move is, however, welcoming, and it might help to curb down the nuisance of clicking selfies anywhere anytime.



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