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Instagram, especially Instagram IGTV is packed with food bloggers and vloggers. Until a few years back, television was the only medium to telecast cookery shows and those were mostly watched by housewives.  Today, Instagram is most popular among youngsters who are creative, passionate and up to date when it comes to culinary skills. The evolution of culinary interest among teenagers is absolutely surprising and the social media plays a very important role here. Instagram has taken cookery skills, photography, videography and content writing to the next level and unlocked doors for many food bloggers.

You may or may not know cooking but watching the method of cooking is always gratifying. It’s always a pleasure to watch the vibrant hues of the vegetables, the popping mustard seeds, the blend of exotic spices and the rise of papad as it surges in the hot oil. Even if you are an expert cook, you can still follow these Insta food bloggers to learn the new way of preparing and presenting the same old Sambar and Idly. Also these millennial bloggers showcase the best cuisines from various hotels and restaurants. Meet top five Instagram food bloggers from Chennai to know more about their gourmet world.

Text: Vinitha Venkatesha

Bloggers: Anichan Parthasarathi

How long have you been operating this handle?

I have been handling this account for the past six months.

What is the inspiration for a shot?

I’m not inspired by people but by food itself. My foodie friends Preeti, Balaji and my brother Nanghuran inspired me initially. I love food and I wanted to share my experiences with others.

Why food?

We humans live for food and work for food, so I chose food! I wanted to share food zones that were affordable for everyone. Basically good food should be recognized and everybody should taste it.

Are you able to monetize your account? What are your client requirements?

Till date I haven’t done any paid stories, maybe in future.

How do you plan the shoot? Do you shoot? Or do you have a photographer and a team? Tell us about some interesting experiences while shooting pictures.

I don’t plan my shoot. I do it on the go while travelling, wherever I see good food I blog it. I’m an individual blogger & I don’t have any team.

How receptive are brands and restaurants to your ideas now as opposed to when you started?

Initially there was no support from restaurants but when I reached 5K followers I got many invites from the restaurants for promotion. I never faced any bad experience in food blogging till date. I post Insta story only if I like the food.

Micro bloggers in other cities vs. Chennai – what are the opportunities and what do you miss?

Chennai is still in its nascent stage when compared to other cities. Due to this lack of awareness, many restaurants are still not known.

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