Meet The Top Fashion Influencers in Chennai


Confused about what to wear for a night out or a traditional function? The fashion bloggers have all the inspiration from hair to heel. From top trends to traditional styles, it’s the fashion bloggers who bring it all to us. Here are the top fashion bloggers in Chennai you must follow to stay on style.

Noopur Kalra

Simply Moda is a high-end fashion blog by Noopur. She is classic, she knows her fashion and she is truly fantabulous. Her fashion choice is at the top of its game and she never shies away from experimenting. From hair to heel, she does it all right.

Insta: -97.6k followers

Priyadarshini Vijay

Priyadarshini’s High On Style talks about fashion and beyond. From fusion, color combinations to fabulous hair and hair products, she helps people understand how it feels to look fabulous top to toe.

Insta: – 18.5k followers

Swetha Renukumar

One Pitch Catch is a brand new blog is a blast of freshness. She believes that fashion is fusion. Her experiment with colors, clothes, and accessories will give you a refreshing change and would make you want to adopt her style.

Insta: -18.2k followers

Rutika Saraf

My Fashion Confession by Rutika is a beautiful mix of top trends and personal style. She has her take of fashion and keeps it simple yet ravishing. Her passion is seen through her choice and details.

Insta: -11.5k followers

Sindhu Gupta

Sindhu is a combination of great casual fashion, amazing yet quirky style of writing, great food stories, traveling and of course, looks adorable. Her blog is all up to date and even talks about her take on various social issues.

Insta: – 5k followers



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