Top AI scientist quits job at Google


Geoffrey Hinton, referred to as the ‘godfather of AI’ was working with Google for more than a decade. He had dedicated his life to the development of Artificial Intelligence.

However, he now feels that Artificial Intelligence will ultimately lead to the destruction of humanity and as an employee of Google, he could not talk about the dangers of AI. He therefore quit his job last month.
Currently Microsoft and Google are in the middle of a race and Dr. Hinton feels that as these two tech giants are locked in a competition, it may be impossible to stop.
He is concerned about the misinformation that AI is spreading and how a layperson will not be able to find out what is the exact truth.
Moreover, AI might replace the jobs of personal assistants and translators and put people out of their jobs. He also fears that enhanced versions of AI may become a threat to humanity itself.


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