Tom Cruise’s car stolen


Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is currently shooting in the UK for the movie Mission Impossible. His luxury car, a BMW, was stolen while he was shooting.
Thieves used cutting edge technology to clone the signal from the car’s keyless ignition fob and stole the vehicle from the security team.

The police recovered the stolen BMW X7 from Smethwick. They were able to recover it as the car was equipped with an electronic tracking device but all Tom’s luggage and belongings inside the car were missing. It left the whole security team in an embarrassing position and Tom was extremely furious about the incident.
Tom has been in the UK over the recent months and has been filming alongside Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby.

Reports say that Tom is loving every moment of being in the UK. Recently, he was found dining in Asha Bhosle’s restaurant in Birmingham and was seen enjoying a dish of Chicken Tikka.



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