TN government bans kuravan-kurathi attam


The government of Tamil Nadu has banned the performance of kuravan-kurathi attam in any cultural programme as it denigrates the Kuravar community. A GO was issued from the Tourism, culture and religious endowments department dated March 10 based on the verdict of the Madras High Court on January 11.

The High Court had directed the state government to take steps that no dance performance be identified using a caste/tribal community’s name so as to insult or degrade people belonging to such communities. The High Court further directed the government not to grant permission for any cultural or dance programme that denigrates the social status of the Kuravar community and that If any complaint is received, action has to be taken against the violators.
In accordance with this judgment, a GO was passed removing the kuravan-kurathi attam from the 100 folk arts listed by the welfare board for folk artistes.



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