Tips on how to grab the latest casual jewellery designs


Expensive jewellery items made out of pearls, diamond, gold and silver are slowly becoming outdated and casual jewellery is taking over. Indians are often opting for oxidised metal, junk and fashion jewellery for wearing to different occasions. Melorra stocks some of the latest designs that are wearable, extremely fashionable and easy on the pocket too.

Following points must be considered while shopping for casual jewellery items:

  1. Comfort: Being comfortable with the kind of jewellery that you wear is of utmost importance. If the jewellery you are wearing feels uncomfortable you will never look good in it as the inconvenience will clearly show. Thus, make sure that you are perfectly satisfied with the kind of jewellery you are wearing. The material of which the items are made should not irritate your skin in any manner as oxidized metal often causes skin rashes and diseases.
  2. Occasion: Casual jewellery has gained immense popularity among today’s youth. However, there are certain occasions where it is not suitable. Thus, casual jewellery should be bought keeping in mind the occasion where you will wear it. A bold and large piece of jewellery is suitable for a party however it might look out of place in the office.
  3. Style: Before buying casual jewellery, the ongoing fashion trends have to be kept in mind so that the jewellery does not seem outdated after buying. Apart from the recent styles, the weather conditions in which the jewellery will be worn should also be kept in mind. You might be unable to carry certain types and materials of jewellery in certain climatic conditions.
  4. Personal Choices: The age of a person for which the jewellery item is being bought is also important. Certain pieces of jewellery are meant to be worn by people of certain ages. For example, an elderly woman cannot be expected to wear jewellery made out of plastic and neon color. Similarly, kids have their own choices and preferences in jewellery and modest styles might not make them happy. Style and fashion sense evolves with age and varies from person to person. Thus, personal preferences should be considered while buying casual jewellery.
  5. Price: Like in most shopping ventures, a lot of consideration has to be made for the price of the casual jewellery items. These are generally affordable and budget friendly for most people as they are not churned out of precious metals like gold and silver. However, the prices of junk jewellery can also at times exceed the budget preferences and then necessary adjustments have to be made. Big shopping malls often charge hefty prices for these items. Therefore it is better to get these casual jewellery items from small stores which have a good collection as well as affordable prices.

The above list is non-exhaustive. However, these tips might help a person buying casual jewellery to a great extent. A variety of earrings bracelets and the latest nose pin design can be acquired easily at an affordable price.



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