Tiny handbag becomes fashion sensation


The French brand Jacquemus’ teeny weeny bag, “Le Mini Chiquito”, is arguably the biggest thing at Paris fashion week. The handbag or finger bag is made its debut at the Paris fashion week. A shrunken version of the miniature and already cult $500 (440-euro) “Le Chiquito” bag — which the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been spotted clutching between their thumb and forefingers — it is a mere 5.2 centimeters (two inches) long.

The bag has unleashed the imagination of Twitter and Instagram users. Some saw hidden depths in its tiny interior, saying it was a dreamcatcher into which you have to “whisper a secret” while another said it “represents the compartmentalized trauma we carry with us each day.”

Jacquemus’ 29-year-old founder, Simon Porte, has quickly made a name for himself on the Paris catwalk with clothes summoning up the sensuality of his Provencal home in the South of France, putting women in huge straw hats and tiny dresses that show lots of thighs.



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