Time To Soar above the Serene Beaches of Cherai


Redrawlife, the adventure team from Kochi takes you flying in the open skies! 

Redrawlife promises to give wings to your dreams! Yes! The much awaited event is back! The freedom to soar above the sea is now at just a few kms from Kochi -Tandem Paramotoring! “Paramotoring is a combination of a paraglider and a back pack motor with propeller which will give you enough thrust to take off from level ground and sustain flight.These flights are a great way to enjoy the full paragliding aerial experience, without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself.

Our expert tandem paramotoring pilot will take care of the launch, flight and landing for you! All you need to have is the intense desire and courage to fly over the sea! Come and experience the freedom of a bird to fly anywhere when the weather is right for the flight! Come with a mind to experience the flight, the professional pilots specialized in paramotoring will take care of your flight and the equipments required.  The activity is subjected to weather conditions. It is because we fly only when your safety can be secured,” explains the team.

Event Highlights
*A chance to fly above the seagulls, at about 1000 ft above ground!
*Have a bird’s eye view of the calm tranquil sea and feel the thermals tickle your feet.
*An effortless ride wherein even without any prior experience or training all you will have to do is to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches!
*The experience awaits you at Munakkal (Azhicode) Beach – Just an hour ride from Cochin
*You can take back memories of the flight with you in photographs and videos (Charges extra)

Dates: Feb 14th, 2018
Cost: Rs 3800
Contact us at 9497864497
Book your slots via www.redrawlife.com



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