Thrissur Pooram held with Covid protocols in place


Thrissur Pooram came to a close today bracing Covid and a tragic accident

After a lot of controversy and confusion regarding the Thrissur Pooram, finally the Kerala Government gave sanction to host the annual temple festival that is held at the Vadukunathan temple in Thrissur, called the Thrissur Pooram with Covid protocols in place. The event is usually attended by large crowds and couldn’t be held last year due to the pandemic. This year, the event was limited to two days and it started yesterday as a low key affair without the participation of the masses.

Late into the night, tragedy struck when a heavy branch broke off a Banyan tree and fell onto a group of people, killing two and injuring 25 people. The caparisoned elephant, Kuttankulangara Arjan, which was paraded for the function, ran amok in the melee but was fortunately brought under control later. Since the accident occurred around 12.30am, the temple authorities called off the firework event scheduled later in the night. The festival finally came to a close today.





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