Thrills and Cheers


Known to be one of India’s “25 Biggest Chefs”, Chef Nimish Bhatia has been at the helm of fine dining at Nimisserie, Brigade Road, Bangalore. It is an anthology of his culinary caravan of fine smart dining from all over the world. His 7-course degustation menu has surpassed all expectations of eager diners as he meticulously crafts dishes that are pleasing to all the senses – from the sounds, to the colours, the aromas, the textures, and the joy of oomph! Now he takes this molecular gastronomic experience that is beautiful, exotic and cosmic to another level with Transit Bar & Grill, a brand new aspect of Nimisserie’s legacy. At the soft launch of the bar, guests were spotted sipping on their drinks and watching the IPL being screened live at the party.



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