Three Peaks of Happiness


The whole world is seeking happiness. Who doesn’t want to be happy? But is everyone happy? Discover the most fulfilling journey to bliss and ultimate everlasting happiness. There are three peaks of happiness. Most of humanity lives and dies on the first peak, being glad and being sad, experiencing joy and sorrow like a yo-yo. 20 percent of humanity is fortunate to live a life of contentment on the Second Peak of Happiness that offers tremendous joy and peace. A small fraction of humanity goes on a quest for the third peak. The Third Peak not only gives one eternal bliss, everlasting joy, and peace, but also gives one freedom from problems, worries, and pain! This book published by AiR is a personal experience of such a traveler who climbed all the three peaks. He shares his journey and shows you the way to the Third and Ultimate Peak of Happiness. “You can be as happy as you want to be. True Happiness, Ultimate Bliss lies beyond a pursuit of Pleasure and Peace. It is experienced by those who Discover the Purpose of Life!”

How did you come up with the idea to write 3 Peaks of Happiness?

The book, 3 Peaks of Happiness is not an idea that turned into a book. It is my personal experience in my quest for happiness. I have achieved happiness through success and achievement. I gave that up to discover happiness on the second peak of contentment and fulfillment. It is only when I went on to a final quest that I discovered a third peak – liberation from prisons of misery and sorrow.

Some people say that “happiness” an illusory goal. What does it mean to be “happy”—can it be defined in a generalized manner?

Happiness can’t be a goal. Yes, it is an aspiration, it is a state of mind, it’s a feeling. To be happy – cannot be defined because it means different things to different people. Therefore, you cannot generalise happiness. I may be happy sitting on a beach but you may get bored being on the tranquil banks of an exotic ocean. You may love to be in a city like New York but it may be a real stress for me. Therefore, happiness is different for different people.

There’s a saying – ‘One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.’ – Do you agree?

There are many sayings and quotes on happiness. There is no doubt that if you make other people happy, you become happy. But I don’t think that the best way to make other people happy is by being happy yourself. You can be happy yourself and make people miserable around you, so I don’t agree. But yes, I do agree that we can choose to be happy by programming our life and filling our life with positive attitudes and emotions.

Have you tried many different happiness strategies before zeroing in on the perfect strategy? What didn’t work?

I don’t believe that I have tried different happiness strategies. But I have evolved on the happiness journey from peak to peak and I’ve experienced higher levels of happiness. First, I experienced pleasure on the first peak. Then, I experienced peace until finally I realized the true meaning of life and there was both – pleasure, peace, joy bliss, happiness, contentment and all the attributes of happiness that can be experienced in one state of everlasting eternal Ananda. Everytime you desire something and you don’t achieve it we get disappointed and this leads to unhappiness. This is my only learning on the journey of what didn’t work.

What’s one small step a person can take today, one habit to start, that will make a person happier tomorrow?

Well, there are many small steps a person can take to be happy today or tomorrow. First, one must resolve to be happy. One must want to be happy. One must find out what makes one happy. One can carry a small happiness card and write down what are the little things that make you happy. One can refuse to let joy stealers rob you off your happiness. And, one can pull small happiness triggers to be happy all the time.

Looking back, which of your own habits was the most important for your own success?

Success never comes about with one habit. It is a combination of one’s philosophy, one’s beliefs, thoughts, habits, all put together. But yes, there are a few of the attributes that have made me truly successful or more happier – that is my faith, my full assurance in the heart. I believe that my entire life has been built on the foundation of rock like faith.



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