Thousands of people pay their last respects to Pope Benedict XVI


Pope Benedict XVI passed away on Saturday, the 31st of December, 2022 at the age of 95. His body is being kept at the Vatican for people to pay their last respects. On Monday, there was a long queue that started even before dawn and thousands of people paid their last respects.

Pope Benedict led the Catholic Church for 8 years till 2013 when he stepped down due to his declining health. His body has been draped in red papal mourning robes and a gold-edged mitre that was laid out on a catafalque draped gold fabric in front of the altar of St. Peter’s, flanked by two Swiss Guards. Many people took pictures on their smartphones while others prayed and made the sign of the cross.
The last words of the Pope according to the Vatican were ”Lord, I love you.” The Vatican is preparing the details of the guest list for the funeral to be held on Thursday.



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