This Poem By Indian And Pakistan Directors, Is The Most Heart Warming Thing You’ll See Today!


When 12 filmmakers from either side of the border come together to showcase their zeal for unity, it is bound to leave a lasting impression. Watch the most prolific directors from India (put names) and Pakistan (put names) recite a beautifully worded poem by Kausir Munir that gives you a simple yet powerful message that change doesn’t happen from one side, it takes two to make a difference.

Sometimes all you need to do is to extend a hand, sometimes you have to go back to your roots to find each other, sometime all you have to take is a small step for a big change. These directors have done just that and now they are inspiring us to do the same.

As India and Pakistan are about to enter the 70th year of their partition, the powerful lines of the poem echo the thoughts of that people from both countries want.. Unity.
Haath milao, it takes two

Gale lag jao, it takes two

Mein aur Tu, it takes two.


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