This Onam The Kerala ‘Set Mundu’ Is On A Wave !


The Rhythm Series by Lakshmi Menon Has sound waves embroidered on it!

After the Chendamangalam handloom crisis due to the Kerala floods last year, there has been a movement among designers for revival of the Kerala handloom. “I felt it was important to preserve the original craft and identity of the handloom without pushing the weavers to do things differently,” says Lakshmi Menon, the designer and the mastermind behind Chekutty dolls.


This year, she has designed a new collection of the Kerala handloom called ‘Heartbeat of Handloom’ series that she launched on August 7th 2019, celebrated as Handloom Day! “I have used the native handloom set mundu in my collection and given it a value add using embroidery. Since we have progressed so much technologically, I thought, ‘Why not innovate and use a technological input into the design of the handloom?’ The collection titled, ‘Rhythm series’ (a part of ‘Heartbeat of Handloom’ series) translates sound waves into design motifs,” she explains. The motifs are embroidered along the traditional kara (pattern) that is woven onto the handloom. A QR code attached to the set mundu, upon scanning decodes the sound wave. “Recently, I had gifted a double mundu to Rasool Pookutty that had the sound wave of his Oscar acceptance speech embroidered on to it. It was a pleasant surprise to watch his excitement and overwhelming response to the innovation. Holding the Mundu and the write up, he exclaimed that it was one of the best gifts he had received so far and that it was one of the best days of his life!” So, this Onam, get ready to customise your set mundu with your very own soundwave embroidered onto it! Prices starting from 2500/-.



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