Uber collections all the way



We’re all eyes for Roksanda Ilincic’s creations, especially her recent line for Fall 2013. Each piece in the collection an epitome of effortless elegance, the collection has everything from block-prints to pop-colours. Not sticking with the quintessential lady-like silhouettes, this range is replete with loose and Bohemian cuts that speak of a casual yet elegant style. With a range of maxi dresses and skirts, bishop sleeves, an array of collars, cuffs and ruffs, the collection seems to celebrate the idea of free-spiritedness. Long, plain and near-traditional, the dresses mixed Amish-clothing and Pop-colours without any ado. Dresses come in precise patchworks of thick tweed with a laminated effect, black wide-weave gazaars and tons of coloured tweeds with accented sleeves. To the mind’s eye, it might seem like a riot of colour – but in reality, actually looks stunning as a palette in sartorial form.




Mary Katrantzou. That’s who. We’ve can’t have enough of her fantastic range of colourful, digitally printed fantasia that has been taking the world of fashion by storm. Painting with pixels, as she calls it, her design aesthetic is all about bold prints and pop colours that make for eclectic splurges. Looser, simpler and sparklingly sophisticated shapes, the range is all printed and woven into patterns in the fabric. Inspired by borders from stamps and the world of philately, the use of Greek key patterns and geometric knots of Asian origin as decoration, the repertoire of dresses, shoes and accessories had a delightful interplay of graphics and bright colours. The collection, it appears, was put together after consulting a local expert in stained-glass windows, and then experimenting with prints on glass beads. Eclectic? We love!


RL 1


“For Fall 2013, I was inspired by the spirit of a romantic revolutionary – a timeless heroine, independent and bold, a woman who revels in her individuality and personal style.” Thus spake Ralph Lauren, as the curtains lifted on his fantastic Fall 2013 Runway Show. Each piece is a milestone on a romantic voyage: with the boyish charm of naval-inspired pieces, with the velvet outfits with a smattering of Russian Charm and embroideries that are reminiscent of tapestries. Even as one will be quick to say that there is a huge military reference, the typical style of Ralph Lauren bleeds through as there is a signature element of his everywhere: right from the leggy flairs to the tailcoats, from the cream wool toggle jackets to silk froggings and gold ribbon trims. The show stealer, though, was the fitted fisherman sweater that was so beautifully teamed with a black skirt crafted out of taffeta ruffles and organza.



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