Thief in the US plays with dog after stealing bicycle


A thief in the United States entered a garage and stole an Electra three-speed bicycle worth $1300 recently. Just as he was about to leave with the bicycle. The family’s dog, a Golden Retriever, was seen playing with the thief instead of barking at him or attacking him.

The San Diego Police Department shared the CCTV footage on Instagram to get some information on the suspect. Footage shows the dog instead of barking at the suspect, giving him a friendly greeting and inviting him to play with it.The intruder is seen cuddling the dog and even giving it some belly rubs.
Golden Retrievers are said to be friendly and sociable and they hardly act with suspicion even when seeing a stranger.
According to the police, the thief was a white male, around 30 years old wearing a gray shirt, a blue and white hat and orange athletic shoes.


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